Monday, November 23, 2009

Twitter as a spiritual discipline

An interesting blog post about using twitter for prayer. Perhaps I should try this, because the value of twitter has sort of escaped me up to now. Though maybe I should pray about it first. Or should I twitter-pray about it?

Anyway... Gerard tells how "twitturgy" revolutionized his prayer life here: What is twitturgy, you ask? Here's what he says...
I simply took the Twitter question "What are you doing?" and translated it as "What are you praying?" taking the prayers I was praying in any case and crafting them into personal liturgies.

Two hundred and twenty-four Twitturgies later, the result has been an unexpected change in my own life of prayer. Others have expressed appreciation for the prayers they have received on Twitter, but the real benefits have been in my own spirituality. By allowing my commitment to Twitturgies to force upon me the regular question, "What are you praying?" the practice of writing Twitturgies has blown a fresh breeze through my prayers.

I like this idea, and may just have to try it. Maybe I can even learn the ins and outs of Twitter in the process.

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