Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Vacation so far...

Well I guess I am on vacation until the middle of next week. What with Thanksgiving and daughter Carrie's wedding and all, I figured I might as well not even try to do any work. There is plenty of other - more important - stuff to do right now. So we have a singing group coming Sunday, and I am going to busy myself with Wedding & Thanksgiving preparations. I think someone told me there are 31 hotel rooms booked for out-of-town guests (not all are coming for Thanksgiving, but mostly the wedding).

So, my first order of business after working yesterday was to try to get a bed in the exercise room again. Carrie has removed most of her stuff from the closet in the guest bedroom, so I was able to get a lot of stuff in there. I put the exercise bike in the garage for the time being (Lady Jane doesn't have much time for riding at the moment). I got it all cleaned out - and even cleaned the treadmill off - and was able to fit a single bed along the wall under the guitars, and even had room to leave the treadmill up. I will put it in upright/storage position when son Isaac gets here tomorrow afternoon and this can be his room for the rest of the weekend.

I spent most of this morning working on maps for our out-of-town guests. Jane and Carrie are making little bags to give people as they arrive at the hotel. I don't know what all else will be in the bags, but there will be maps and directions from: the hotel to the church; church to the hotel; church to the reception hall; reception hall back to the church; hotel to Glenbrook Mall; and the hotel to the Jefferson Pointe Mall. I also made maps from the church to Curly's bar and grill, for after the rehearsal dinner; and from Curly's back to the hotel. I think that ought to cover just about everything everybody needs to know. I made 20 of each, and then I made extras from the church to the reception for people coming to the wedding.

I debated on whether to use Google maps or Mapquest. I just don't really care for the Mapquest maps, but I do like how they put the map and the directions all on one page, as opposed to Google which prints the map on one page and the directions on another. So, what I did was, I used the Google map, then in MS Word I just typed in the directions at the bottom, then ran the map through the printer again to get the directions printed below the map. Yes, I know it was probably unnecessary, but these are things that bug me. So now there is a somewhat decent map, with directions on the same page.

Not exactly sure what to do with the rest of this day. Jane had to work today until noon. Plus she had to go in early as they had a breakfast for all the employees at 7 am today. Apparently they don't understand that doing something for their employees would actually be giving them time OFF, instead of asking them to come in earlier. Oh well. At least she will be done for the rest of the week too.

Someone just delivered flowers to the house for Jane. Hmm. Maybe she has a secret admirer. I probably should have thought to do something like that though. She is quite an amazing women: works full-time, going to college full-time, teaches a Sunday School class, plays piano for church every week, does many of the church dinners, listens to me talk and talk and talk, and all this while helping with all the details for the wedding. Amazing.

I should probably go empty the garbage or something.

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JAH said...

Thanks dear, but as far as I am concerned, we do all of this stuff together.

And for the flowers, thank you to my good friend, Joan.