Tuesday, December 22, 2009

This 'n that

It's been a calm snowy dreary day today. Rather Christmasy with snow on the ground, flurries all day long; but it's warm enough that the roads are fine and it's not blowing or drifting. Kind of serene, and has me pondering life in the middle of everywhere...

Son Isaac came home for Christmas break last night. Seems that it's been awhile since he's been here overnight when we were also here.

Drew and Carrie brought their dog, Lady, to our house for the first time Sunday night. We had a good time. She snooped around everywhere, but didn't feel the need to "mark any spots." She sometimes has quite the gas problem though. Then Carrie brought her over again last night. She's a very nice grandpuppy (pics below).

I got my boots out Saturday and cleaned them with saddle soap, then gave them a gooping of mink oil.

I found where the dead-mouse-smell was coming from in Jane's Sunday School room (which is also the ladies Bible Study room). It was under the couch cushion, right on a cushion seam. It was all sprawled out, spread eagle, like someone had just sat on it and squished it. I've been smelling it for a couple of weeks but couldn't locate the source. I'm glad I finally found it because mouse smell reeks.

Our first real snowfall was this past Friday and Saturday. Just a few inches, and it was a "nice" snow. The roads weren't bad or anything. It is still hanging around. I'm good with that until spring when it melts.

I finally got back on the treadmill again last night after taking a week off. I'd had a sore throat and just felt kinda crappy. I never did get real sick, but Jane had to finally get antibiotics for a sinus infection. I've just been gargling several times a day with salt water, sleeping with a humidifier, and taking some of that "mucus" medicine a couple times per day (plus the regular allergy meds). I've never felt "terrible," but I'm getting kind of tired of feeling like this even.

We aren't able to go anywhere for Christmas. Jane and Carrie both work Christmas Eve and the day after Christmas. So I guess I will too. Jane and I may have to try to make a quick trip home some weekend in January. We'll see. At least we got to see everyone at Thanksgiving, for the wedding.

We don't have too many Christmas decorations up this year around the house. What with the wedding and then Jane getting sick... We just have the one tree, and a couple of nativity scenes. Jane feels bad about it, but that is fine with me. It's not that I don't like decorations, I just don't like when people go overboard. We haven't really ever done lights or anything.

I actually have been feeling fairly "Christmasy" this year for some odd reason. Maybe it's because we don't have so many decorations. :)

We have the Christmas Eve service Thursday at 7 pm. Then just the regular Sunday Service. Nothing much planned for Christmas Day even. Isaac will be here. Drew Carrie will come over after the Christmas Eve service, and again Christmas evening. Maybe we'll see if there's a movie playing Christmas afternoon.

I don't know what reminded me the other day, but I completely forgot that I used to sign all my posts with, "Peace out; and in." I don't know why I stopped.

Some pics of the grandpuppy...

Lady likes to walk on the back of the furniture. I think she saw the pics of Bogie boy by the lamp (click the pic to enlarge and see them)

She is a bit weird in that she likes to sit on her butt and have you scratch under her chin. Then she puts her head all the way back, almost until she tips over.

She is quite the moocher too. But pretty cute.

peace out; and in.


Jim said...

"It was all sprawled out, spread eagle, like someone had just sat on it and squished it."

I actually laughed out loud at that - I must be weird!

"Maybe we'll see if there's a movie playing Christmas afternoon."

I personally think you simply MUST find a Chinese restaurant open on Christmas in Ft. Wayne and have roast duck.

dan horwedel said...

Ha! Yes, we actually talked about that, Jim. Someplace where the waitstaff would sing, "Fararara ra ra ra ra." :)

JAH said...

I am so looking forward to Christmas Eve this year - the church service and then the family. Perfect.