Saturday, January 16, 2010

The loving unpaid

This morning was another of our "Sharing The Warmth" mornings where people from our church deliver stuff we've collected to the homeless of Fort Wayne. It's about 'sharing the warmth of God's love.' There was a nice group of 8 people who went today. And it was funny because, when I looked at the pile of collected items yesterday there wasn't much there. In fact, it was one of the smallest piles since we started this. But when I arrived this morning (I was one of the last ones to arrive), it had grown like the loaves and fishes Jesus blessed so long ago. It filled the back of two vans. Incredible. There were lots of coats, hats, gloves, scarves, long underwear, sweaters and sweatshirts, some other clothes, a few blankets, chapstick, soap, hand warmers, shoes and boots, plus we always take some Bibles and devotionals along. And this time there was hot coffee and hot chocolate.

Scott leads this effort, and he always shares something before everyone prays and takes off. Today he said something about how so many homeless people only know other homeless people... OTHER THAN those who are paid to work with them. So we don't necessarily need to do this to try to "win them to Christ" or anything, but it's just a way to show them that people care about them other than those who are paid to. I like that. We shouldn't have to be paid to love people. And, please, this has nothing to do with whether clergy should be paid or not. It is simply about loving others. What an idea Jesus had...

This is actually one of the reasons I try not to get too involved in this thing. So often, as paid clergy, I only screw things like this up. I like to go every now and then, but it makes me feel pretty good every time I see a group go off into town. Great people. I pray that God might bless their efforts, and that they can be a blessing to many.

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