Tuesday, January 05, 2010

This kind of place

In a handout we used for our church council discussion awhile back they noted the chorus to the song "This Must Be The Place," which was co-written by Steve Amerson. I am not familiar with the song or artist, and couldn't find it on Youtube, but I liked these lines from it:
This must be a place where a broken heart can mend
This must be a place where the outcast finds a friend
For we cannot lift the fallen if our hand still holds a stone
And their sin that seems so great to us is no greater than our own
There must be a point where shame meets grace
And this must be the place...

The article ended with the question: "Is your church that place?"

Churches can be pretty judgmental places. Even in a "missional" context. Even when we think we're being pretty "friendly." We sometimes forget that people need healing. And, really, all of us need healing. Isn't that ultimately what the mission of the church is: reconciling people to God? (2 Cor. 5:16-21)

Tonight is our church's annual congregational meeting (as long as the weather holds out). I hope to convey this message somehow - perhaps with Mark 2:1-17 - so our church might be this kind of place.

peace out; and in.

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