Thursday, January 07, 2010


Son Isaac is off traveling in the southern United States. I think he is meandering down to New Orleans and back, perhaps also stopping in Oxford, Mississippi (I wrote about Oxford HERE). I'm not real sure though. Just hope the weather isn't too bad, and he and Levi don't forget who they are. [Actually, I guess he got home on the day I wrote this, as recorded HERE]

Jane and I will be traveling to the Salt Fork Resort in Ohio later this month for a weekend retreat. It will be the first 3-day retreat of a two-year deal in our denomination called the Missional Leadership Initiative. I think Reggie McNeal is somehow involved, though I don't know if he will actually be there or not (I think he will). The MLI will consist of 6 3-day retreats over a 2 year period. After this first one it will just be me though. Fortunately the other two pastors I meet with every week are also involved in this too. That should be quite beneficial, I think. I'm not real keen on traveling in the winter though, but... what the heck.

Other than that... I just ordered some info on Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Never been there and don't know anything about it. In June we have a wedding to attend in western North Carolina - somewhere in the mountains. I was thinking maybe we could drive to the beach for a few days, then come back west for the wedding, and make a week of it. But I have no idea. The caribbean looks really nice right now.

I hate winter in the midwest.

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