Saturday, January 23, 2010

Two missional posts from fitch to remember

David Fitch has two posts in particular that I want to remember:

1. Instilling Missional Habits in a Congregation - As You Walk Among Your Community
  • reject doing outreach events; instead direct imagination towards ways of connecting with people where they are
  • reject evangelism as a one time hit on a target with a preconceived outcome; instead kindle imagination toward seeing mission as part of regular rhythms of life with others
  • reject building multiple use buildings; instead go into gyms (and such) already in neighborhoods
  • reject one-on-one evangelism; instead inhabit more in two's or three's
  • reject the Sunday morning gathering as an evangelistic event; instead seek formation that comes from a communal encounter with God
  • reject coercive persuasion and argument in our witness; instead seek "one person of peace" among the lost
  • reject presumptuous postures of power among those who do not know Christ; instead enter in humility
  • reject surveying the neighborhood; instead exegete the neighborhood
  • reject problem solving; instead direct the imagination towards "appreciative inquiry"
2. The Seven Indispensable Virtues of a Missional Leader
  • Faith
  • Discernment
  • Presence
  • Patience
  • Resourcefulness
  • Humility
  • Love

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