Friday, February 19, 2010

Doctor, haircut, pants

On my day off today I had a doctor visit, then got a haircut, then looked for some tan pants.

It was just my regular 3-month doctor visit (who else has to go to the doctor every 3 months? I still don't know what's up with that). Anyway, I always start off by jumping on the scale. I thought I might have lost a few pounds, but I actually gained 3 since my last visit. I was back to 176. My blood pressure was 112/90. The doctor said he wished I could even that out a little, but he didn't say how. Then he said he would like me to get another lipid profile (cholesterol check) and see him in 3 months. Argh. He said, "No cheese or eggs, but eat all the carrots you want!" Funny guy.

After that I decided to get a haircut. I headed to my usual Great Clips on W. Jefferson. They were actually having a $5.99 special today, so with the tip it was only $8. And that's about what I got. I think the girls name was Anastasia. She was from Garrett. She did alright, but it only took about 5 minutes. I would have liked a little more thorough of a job, but it's ok.

I stopped at the hospital and visited someone, then headed for the indoor mall to try to find some tan pants. I don't really know what it is with tan pants either (Seinfeld), but I don't have any that fit me and I suppose it would be nice to have some. I went to Penney's and tried on 9 different pair... and still don't have any tan pants. I'm in that weird size where a 34 is a little too snug and a 36 just falls off of me; plus I don't like them too high, or too low; too tight, or too baggy; yada, yada, yada. Although I did find a pair of Haggar Cool 18 Flat Front pants that were almost perfect. Then I looked at the price tag... SIXTY bucks!! It was buy 1, get 1 half off. Well, I didn't want TWO pairs of pants. I just wanted one. So I will have to wait until they go on sale as a single pair, or try to find this kind of pants somewhere else. Remember that: Haggar Cool 18 Flat Front.

Now I'm thinking about a nap, since I did the treadmill this morning.


Jim said...

You know what you need? Boys pants now have straps on the inside of the waistband where you can adjust the fit tighter (if you're a bean pole like our son, who needs a size 12 for length but not for his waist). They need to make those for adults!

Or just get 34s with elastic waistbands.

"Nice Sansabelts, there, Padre!"


Joie said...

Try Old Navy or Eddie Bauer. They handle jeans in 35" maybe they have tan pants in that size also.

dan horwedel said...

Thanks Joie!

Jim, those Cool 18 pants actually have elastic thingies built into them (that you can't see). I'm all up with that. :)

Anonymous said...

Kohl's has them too...


dan horwedel said...

Thanks Lance.