Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Earthquakes, internets, snow and rain

What a day today, eh? So there was a 3.8 magnitude earthquake in Illinois. Even though it was centered just west of Chicago I heard from my cousin near Peoria that they had cups knocked off of shelves. Geez, like being buried in snow wasn't bad enough. I didn't notice a thing here, and I talked to my mom and she didn't notice anything. But at 5 am neither one of us usually notice too much.

And it was another day with internet problems. It went out Monday night, and I called Tuesday and they fixed it. Then it went out again Tuesday evening, so I called about 10:20 pm and left a message. They called me this morning to tell me that the thing in Ossian had been knocked over. Apparently it feeds the thing on top of the Yoder Grain bin, which is where I get my signal from. It wasn't out completely for too long, but it's been kind of intermittent all day (and still is). I tried using dial-up internet, but man... dial-up just doesn't work too well anymore. Then, when I got home from the office I noticed that we had no signal at home. I had to go out and knock some snow down. When the church parking lot was plowed it piled up high enough to block the signal between the router in my office and our home computer. A little digging in the snow and it was back to normal.

Anyway, as far as the weather, I don't think we got the blizzard that some were predicting. Jane actually got a ride to work today from a co-worker whose husband was taking her in their four-wheel-drive truck. They both get done working at the same time, but Jane didn't need to be there until 30 minutes after the other lady. At least there's a Dunkin' Donuts right next to the bank. And I was glad she got a ride even though she didn't really need one. It did start blowing this afternoon. And around 4:30 there must have been an accident on highway 1, because there was all of a sudden a ton of traffic going by our house. Apparently the road was closed. Now it is apparently freezing rain. Geez, I am ready for spring.


Tom said...

Well the Illini won yesterday didn't they?

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