Saturday, February 06, 2010

Getting the mission part right

Last weekend Reggie McNeal made a statement, and apparently I didn't write it down, but it was something like... "God did not make us to do a mission; he created a mission to make us." I love that.

I think sometimes we can get in our heads - even in the "missional" church (or maybe ESPECIALLY in the "missional" church - that God has this mission, and our role on earth is to carry it out for him. I think what Reggie was trying to get across is that... we have this loving God who created US, and participating in his mission of redeeming all things, is how we are made whole. God didn't create us to "use" us; he created us out of love, and he wants to redeem us, to bless us. This comes by giving ourselves to him, by being transformed by him, and it is through being a blessing to others that we become who/what he had in mind.

I dunno. I may have missed what he was saying. And I'm not sure I'm saying what I mean to. Just tossing this around in my head.

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