Saturday, February 13, 2010

Scrambled eggs and a new doctor

Jane went to a new doctor Thursday. I can't remember her name, but the office is right next to the ortho parking garage at Lutheran. She really liked her. She also liked her old doctor, but she was in Bluffton, and she only worked like 2 days a week or something so it was hard for her to get there, especially from work. This will be much more convenient as it is right down the street from Jane's work, just off the exit from the interstate, and right in the Lutheran Hospital campus. I think there is a guy doctor there too, so I may see about switching myself. I found this doctor on the internet... Jane had been looking for a new doctor, so I googled Fort Wayne family practice doctors, searched for a female in that area of the city, read some reviews, and this one seemed to be well-liked. I'm glad it turned out. Finding a new doctor can be nerve-wracking.

As for other new news... I made scrambled eggs for the first time yesterday. And, I know, for most people this means roll-your-eyes nothing at all. But for someone like me who who has so few practical talents this was quite an accomplishment. It's just a little embarrassing and humiliating to know how to do so little. Of course Jane had to walk me through it. Here's what I did so I will remember, the next time I try to be a human being: Put two eggs in a cereal bowl (minus the shells) with a table spoon of milk, and whip with a fork (I also added a shake of worcestershire sauce). Spray the small round pan with cooking spray (Pam) and let it get hot on the stove. Once it's hot, put the eggs into the pan and continue whipping. Once they started to set a little I also added some chopped up pieces of ham and continued to stir until the ham was hot. Put the eggs on a plate; add some pepper; make toast; and eat.

Last night we had a nice time at Henry's, and then watched the opening ceremonies for the olympics (when we weren't nodding off). I thought it was pretty cool. Nicely done, Canada! And I liked what the one rap guy said: "We're known for simple things like 'Thank you' and 'please.'" I wish we were known for things like that. Anyway...

peace out; and in.


Whisky Prajer said...

On behalf of my nation, let me say, "No no no: thank you!"

Although I should also confess I'm mostly grumpy about the olympics. Vancouver's "win" is a mistake we'll be paying for for a long, long time.

dan horwedel said...

Well, I guess you "get what you pay for."

I was just proud of the fact that I actually knew Vancouver was on the west coast!