Monday, February 08, 2010

Super bowl thoughts: game, half-time, ads

So Super Bowl 44 has come and gone. The Saints took it to the Colts 31-17; The Who did the half-time; and, yes, there were even commercials.

As far as the game... I suppose most people are always happy to see an underdog win. Even as an Indiana-ite, I didn't really care who won this game. I like the Colts ok, but they are not really "my team." They are just too generic; too bland; too lifeless. Nice people, but nothing much to write home about. And the Saints are ok too, but I didn't really buy into all the hype. I don't know that a SB win is really going to turn anything around in New Orleans, and it certainly won't keep another flood from happening. And, did they really need another reason to party in New Orleans? I do like Drew Brees though. You can find him talking about his faith in Jesus HERE.

I did actually like the half-time show by The Who. I have always been a "Who" fan, so that helps, but I also thought they did well to simply come out, play a medley of their hits, and leave. They didn't try to steal the spotlight away from the game with any wardrobe malfunctions; they didn't mistakenly think they were twenty again and look like a Springsteen fool; and they didn't get up on a high horse and try to sell an agenda. They just did their part and were who they are: some old guys who wrote some of the most well-known rock music of all time. And I would venture to guess the light show had to be simply awesome in person. One thing I think a lot of tv viewers forget is that these half-time shows are 'LIVE' events, they are not made-for-tv specials. I thought the stage, the lights, and the lack of fake stage-side groupies was all very well done. Hooray for The Who.

And, of course, what would a Super Bowl be without the commercials. First off, let me just say, I cannot understand the hoopla over the Tim Tebow commercial. I thought maybe there was going to be more later on. But... that was it? And that offended people? Get real. I don't particularly care for Focus on the Family myself, but if that commercial offended you... it might just be because you're a moron. Sorry.

As for the rest of the commercials - those with content which maybe should be controversial, but never is - well, I wasn't all that impressed. Maybe the anticipation is too much anymore, or my expectations are too high. I could personally care less about all the Budweiser or GoDaddy commercials (yes, those are things that offend me, but I don't have to go all ballistic about it). A few that I did like...
All in all it was a quiet night around our house. At least it was a good game. Now it's on to real life again.

Peace out; and in.

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