Monday, March 29, 2010

I'm pretty sure it's monday

Holy cow, the sun is shining. Miracles never cease.

I got up today and - even though the sun was far from being up yet - I decided to do the treadmill in the morning instead of the afternoon. I haven't ran in the morning in a long, long time. I'm usually a bit stiffer in the mornings, especially Monday mornings, but I laced up the sneakers and started off on a four-mile jog. I set the tv to mute and just read the text, because I wasn't sure what time Jane was planning to get up. She didn't go in until 10 today. She was on the bike when I got done though. Ahhhh... what a nice way to start the day.

After an hour on the treadmill I drank my two cups of coffee with a bowl of oatmeal; read the news, messages, and some blogs; took a shower, and headed for the office.

Tonight we are meeting some friends at Nine Mile Restaurant (or something like that). And sometime I need to go pick up the sharpened mower blades.

Yesterday was pretty good too. I fretted over which sermon to preach. I had written one earlier in the week, but after reading some things my friend Brian wrote, I re-wrote my entire sermon on Saturday. I had been thinking about it all day Thursday and Friday, and once I started writing it kind of just puked itself out. I was quite hesitant to talk about it though - because I wasn't all that sure how people would respond to me talking about universal health care... even though it was much more about Jesus than politics. Anyway, I think most everyone got the connection and it turned out well. Though I am often more nervous when things seem to go well than when they go bad. Whatever.

After a nice lunch with Drew Carrie we had a brief nap, then me, Jane, and Drew Carrie went to the women's shelter and took them supper. I think I have only went one or two other times. I guess they were short on people this time, and I don't mind going at all. The problem there is that it's easy to have too many people helping, so I usually just try to stay out of the way. Plus I really have no business doing anything dealing with food. But it was nice. There wasn't a large group of women, and there was only one baby, but we served them barbecue, chips, cheese, and cookies. Maybe not the best meal we've ever served there, but the barbecue's smelled sooooo good. I wish I had saved some for myself.

When we left, Jane and I drove north on Ewing and onto Wells and went past their new building. They are supposed to move in at the end of April. It will be much bigger, and nicer. We kept going and discovered lots of cool places on Wells Street. I didn't realize that went all the way up to the mall. Learn something new every day.

Last night was kinda lazy. We watched the basketball games, Funniest Video's, and then some old James Bond movies. Finally called it a day and went to bed.

This week could get a little busy. They are supposed to come and re-do the pews tomorrow, I have my cohort conference call Wednesday, a Maundy Thursday service, Good Friday service (a Tenebre service), and Easter Sunday. Just a breakfast at 9 and worship service at 10 on Easter though. And the weather is supposed to be nice all week and weekend! We'll see.

Well... I suppose I should eat something. Peace out, folks; and in.

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