Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New pew padding

Our church has finally reached a decision on getting our pews re-done. After first deciding whether to redo the pews or get chairs, we then had to choose a company to do the job. We are re-padding and re-upholstering the pews, and I sent the down payment and signed contract to Pad-A-Pew yesterday morning.

This didn't really turn out at all like I thought it would. I have wanted to get rid of our pews since the day I arrived, but I think I was the one who actually talked the church board into keeping them. Argh. It was such a tough call. I would MUCH RATHER have chairs than pews, but the way our worship area is set up it just isn't conducive for chairs. The wood floor with the carpet around the pew area would be a problem, and I'm just not sure it would be worth the hassle - especially if we need a new worship space in the near future. So I feel a little like I sold out, but I really do think this was the best thing to do right now; and the least expensive.

There is presently hardly any padding left in the pew seats at all. They're pretty hard. The church bought them 30 years ago for about $6600. They are still all original. So they got their money's worth out of them. They probably should have been re-padded 15 years ago. The upholstery is still in good shape, but it would be silly to re-pad and not re-upholster. It is going to cost about $3500. This was actually about $1200 less than the next closest quote we received. We have 10 pews at 193" and 18 at 66 1/2" long.

We will be getting 2 inches of padding with another inch of Dacron. So there will be a noticeable difference in feel. We didn't want to change things too much, so we picked the Shire Commodore for upholstery. It is a little darker blue than what we presently have, but the closest we could find. It is multi-colored, so hopefully it won't show much dirt, hair, lint or otherwise.

They are supposed to be able to install it within 60 days, so sometime this spring we should have nice comfy seats again. Not that I ever sit down anyway, but I can see where it will be nice for those who do. I am just glad I can quit thinking about it now.

Peace out; and in.