Saturday, March 27, 2010

Preparing the lawn mower

I decided to get the lawn tractor ready to go yesterday. I removed the three mower blades and took them to Muttons to have them sharpened (I don't trust myself anymore, plus they were pretty dull), cleaned the mower deck (top and bottom), changed the oil, and greased all the zerks I could find on the deck and mower. When I went to start it the battery ran down quickly, so I jump-started it off the car and it took right off and ran smooth. I can pick the blades up at Muttons on Monday (can't remember if he said 'by noon' or 'after noon').

Looking back I see that the first mowing last year was April 24. I'm hoping it can wait that long this year. It's not near ready yet, but the grass is starting to green up and there are a few patches popping up here and there. I am not looking forward to mowing season, but I was glad the mower started, and it will be nice to have it ready to go - with sharpened blades and all - when the time comes.

Peace out; and in.

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