Monday, April 19, 2010

April showers flower power party

Last night we had another 3rd Sunday Supper at church. I am going to call it the 'April Showers Flower Power Party.' We had an awesome time of eating a conglomeration of picnic foods together, then daughter Carrie taught us how to make these really cool paper flowers. I thought the flower idea was the highlight of the evening. This was exactly the kind of thing I was hoping to do at these suppers - something that anyone could do if they wanted, but those that didn't want to could continue to just talk, or watch. Most of the kids chose to make flowers, and some of the adults did too. Drew even made a nifty bumble bee to go with his flower. Below is a pic of the flower I made.

Later we moved into the other basement room and watched American's Funniest Videos with Chandler. 

I believe a nice night was had by all. Can't wait to see what we do for the May 3rd Sunday Supper!

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