Sunday, April 11, 2010

The art of evangelism

I can't believe I either missed this, or forgot about it (thanks tsk, for the reminder). On Guy Kawasaki's blog "How to Change the World" he has this fantastic post: The Art of Evangelism. It isn't about the church, but it applies perty darn well.

One sentence that stuck out was: "People don't buy 'revolutions.' They buy 'aspirins' to fix the pain or 'vitamins' to supplement their lives." Ahhhh. Yes. Something to remember.

It is a short post, and you should read it to get the proper context. I believe it is helpful for local church situations, or even if you're starting some type of non-profit ministry (like a transitional living home). Here are the 10 points:
1. Create a cause.
2. Love the cause.
3. Look for agnostics; ignore atheists.
4. Localize the pain.
5. Let people test drive the cause.
6. Learn to give a demo.
7. Provide a safe first step.
8. Ignore pedigrees.
9. Never tell a lie.
10. Remember your friends.

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