Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Father's day present

We found the perfect Father's Day gift for my dad the other day. We were wandering around Meijer's with nothing to do on a rainy afternoon, and somehow found ourselves in the camping supply section. All of a sudden we looked up, and much to our surprise was this beautiful lighted cap. :) M'lady and I looked at one another and thought... "Father's Day"!

My dad is big on flashlights. He has enough of them to power a small city. It's partly because he's an old man, but mostly because he has poor vision. I fear I am getting the same way myself sometimes (I don't like sitting in the dark). At any rate, we thought this cap with 2 LED lights built right into the bill would be perfect for searching through his piles of junk in the garage, or doing chores in the horse barn, or maybe even reading. Apparently they now make them in 3-light and 5-light models at panthervision.com. FYI, I don't necessarily want one of these myself, but thought I would model it for you in case you think your father might want one too.

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Carrie Jade said...

I definitely misread the beginning of this and thought you wanted one of these. HAHAHAHA. Drew and I were like...what in the world? :)