Saturday, April 17, 2010

GLBT and the missional church

Son Isaac has been quite involved in commenting on this post on David Fitch's blog: "On Being Missional" With the Gay/Lesbian Peoples Among Us. I thought the post itself was fairly provocative, but the comments have been even more so. Innaresting stuff, indeed. Proud papa.


arjuna-lj said...

Thank you for posting this, PD - very much appreciated. I think those "on the outside" of Christianity like me sometimes tend to forget that there is such an informed and empathetic diversity of opinion within what can sometimes seem (however unwarrantedly) to be a faceless mass institution. So thank you - and please thank Isaac too! I very much enjoyed reading his contributions (and the responses they generated). A positive, refreshing and welcome voice.

kel in Oz
(PS: Does Halcyon Times rock or what? finally got my copy and it hasn't been off the turntable all week)

dan horwedel said...

Thanks Kel. I appreciate the feedback, and I'm sure your appreciation to Isaac has already been made known.

I couldn't agree more about Halcyon Times too. Very fine, indeedy.

peace & blessings to ya,