Friday, April 23, 2010

Visit to anderson

Lady Jane and I took the new car for a road trip last night. We needed to take some things to son Isaac, and we're always looking for an excuse to eat Arts pizza. The car drove great - and got 40 mpg - so I was glad about that. This was also Jane's chance to take some pictures of Isaac before he graduates from Anderson University in a couple weeks. He got real dressed up as you can see. :) We decided The Exodus House would be the best place for the pics. I managed to sneak into some of them too. Click on a pic to enlarge it.

I think I was trying to explain that this is where his mom and I were going to pitch the tent (or some such nonsense).

Stevo and Ben were busy doing work around the Exodus House, while we just kinda stood around. They've cleaned it up nicely.

Me and the boy having a contest to see who could smile the most without showing any teeth. Man, I kinda need some sun.

The Exodus House looking from the west.

The Exodus House looking from the east. Stevo and Brett working hard in the background.

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