Thursday, May 20, 2010

Attached to unhappiness

I get this thing in my email everyday from the good folks at inward/outward. The other day they sent this quote from Anthony de Mello's 'The Way to Love.'
If you look carefully you will see that there is one thing and only one thing that causes unhappiness. The name of that thing is Attachment. What is an attachment? An emotional state of clinging caused by the belief that without some particular thing or some person you cannot be happy... Here is a mistake that most people make in their relationships with others. They try to build a steady nesting place in the ever-moving stream of life.

Wow. That is some powerful truth! And I'm sure all of us can think of someone else who struggles with attachment issues, but it's got me to wondering... what about me? Just thinking back on the times I have been the most unhappy it does seem true that it was directly connected to my unhealthy attachment to a person or thing or idea... A disappointment that things didn't turn out how *I* wanted them to. Perhaps there's a connection with control here too.

What comes to mind is the old saying, "let go and let God." For I don't believe it's about not caring, or not loving one another; but ultimately it comes down to how much we trust in God's sovereignty.

I find this a very freeing thought.

Peace out, my friends; and in.

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JAH said...

Yes, it is a very freeing thought...