Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Blood test

I had to have a blood test today... for a cholesterol check. I had to go to a new lab in order for my insurance to pay for it. I went to this teeny little office in the office park on Constitution Drive in Fort Wayne. I only had to turn around twice to find it, because they apparently go by two different names, and the one I had was just this teensy little sign. Anyway, I walk in and this girl that looked to be about 17 comes around the corner. I give her my paper and insurance card and she disappears back around the corner without even saying anything. Finally she comes back with a girl that appears about my daughters age - and her one arm is in a sling. Sling-arm starts telling the little girl how to fill the papers out, and in a not so nice way either. Then she told her to get the red-topped vials and the girl grabbed the purple-topped ones and sling-arm yelled at her (right in front of me). Then the phone rings, so sling-arm tells the little girl to draw two vials out of my arm and leaves. The little girl looks at me with terror in her eyes and says, "Do needles bother you?" I said "not really" and wanted to ask if they bothered her though, because she wasn't making me feel real confident about this whole ordeal. But she managed to get the needle in on the first try, filled the two vials, and taped my arm up. I have to say, it actually kind of hurt (and still hurts). When I got home it had bled quite a bit too (which it normally doesn't do at all). At any rate, how bad can you screw up sticking a needle in an arm. So... at least it only took about 5 minutes. I stopped at McDonald's and got a Sausage, Egg & Cheese McGriddle meal to celebrate the blood test. I also thought about correcting sling-arm girl on my way out too. When she was on the phone she was trying to give someone directions, and she kept saying Illinois Road and pronouncing the "s." I wanted to tell her that the "s" is silent, but I didn't because, you know, I just wanted to get the heck out of there. I really don't like needles too much, but didn't want to freak the little girl out anymore than she already was. Just glad I lived to tell about it.

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