Friday, May 21, 2010

Dr. visit

I had a doctors appointment today. I was supposed to get the results of my cholesterol test from the other day. Not too much seemed to go right on this visit (though not that anything went terribly wrong either).

It started off when I got there and the receptionist says I still have an outstanding balance from my last visit. For some odd reason the insurance company didn't pay for my last office visit. Jane called them and they said it was just a glitch in the system and they would take care of it. Well, they haven't taken care of it yet. She wanted me to call them from the office, but I have no idea who to call, so she said she would let it slide if I promised to call when I got home.

Then I went into the exam room. The good news of the day was that I LOST FIFTEEN POUNDS in the last three months. I was down to 161 (fully clothed). That's how much I thought I had lost, but I wasn't sure because I don't trust our scale at home. The doctor was pretty excited about it too. He said for me to drop 15 pounds was like taking off a 50 pound backpack when I ran or walked. He said that's the difference it would make on my back, knees and feet. He also said the amount of fat from losing 15 pounds would be like filling 3 bread bags full of fat. So, there is a reason I have felt better lately.

Back to the bad news though. My blood pressure was 140/70. Although, the nurse took it before I had even gotten fully sat down on the table. So I think (and the doctor agreed) that the top number would be considerably lower if it was retaken. Which... I wondered why he didn't retake it; but he didn't. At least the bottom number was down. That's the one that usually gives me fits. I was actually hoping both numbers would be down since I had lost the weight. The last time I lost this much weight I was able to go off my BP meds. I guess I need to start checking it myself again.

Then the nurse called into the office and said they couldn't find my cholesterol results anywhere. Apparently they hadn't been faxed in yet. And I couldn't remember the name of the place where I had my blood taken. Both receptionists were looking through the phone book. I knew 'where' the place was, I just couldn't remember the name of it. We never did find it, so the doctor just said to call back in and they could either give me the numbers on the phone or they could send them to me. He was "sure" they would be ok. Right. I've heard that before.

So, I came home and called the lab; told Jane to call the insurance company; and now I'm waiting for the lab to return my call. I will fill in my cholesterol numbers here when I get them.

Weight: 161
Blood Pressure: 140/70
Total Cholesterol: 196 (down from 230 a year ago; under 200 is good)
Good: 31 (down from 34; should be above 40)
Bad: 108 (down from 152; under 150 is good)
Triglycerides: 283 (up from 218; should be under 200)
Glucose: 103 (4 above range - limit sugars, carbs)

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