Friday, May 07, 2010


I mowed yesterday, and it looks terrible. I swear there were almost more dandelions than grass, and they were all about a foot high. Apparently the guy who usually sprays couldn't get his sprayer to work, so he just didn't do it this year. Kinda wish he'd have told me, so we could have had someone else. Whatever.

Anyway, it took me 3 hours to mow. That's the longest I can remember since we've had this mower. I had to go super slow, and some spots I had to go back over, because dandelions just don't mow well.

I went east/west. I hate it when a yard looks bad after mowing. And of course my parents are coming today. My mom is who taught me to mow. She would never let my dad do it, because he would either break the mower or he would do a terrible job. It looks like he mowed our yard.


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