Monday, May 03, 2010

Why I like president obama

This is an attempt to explain my political position. Not that I'm all that political, but I am more now than I used to be, and it seems I find myself more and more having to try to explain myself, so... here goes.

I have never been real interested in politics. It seems I remember once my parents saying they were Democrats, but I can't be sure. They didn't really talk about it much. The most I ever remember was when my mom bought the Playboy magazine that had the interview with Jimmy Carter in it (I think that's when she said they were Democrats). At any rate, I have just never had much interest in either party or, actually, in a two-party system at all. I don't understand partisan politics. To me politicians should either be "for" serving the people, or else I don't know why they're doing what they're doing. And I've known very few politicians who really seemed to know why they were doing what they were doing. I find 'playing' politics to be a despicable act.

So, then, when Barack Obama came along it really was a breath of fresh air to me. Certainly I do not agree with him on all issues. In fact, there are many I disagree with him about. But I like 'the way' he goes about business. He thinks, he discusses, he listens, and he doesn't seem interested in "playing politics" but rather, really seems to want to help people and our country and the world at large. I admire that, and I support him because of that. He has made me interested in our country and government and politics like I never have been before.

There are also personal reasons why I like President Obama. Perhaps it's because he's the first president who is close to my own age; but I think it has more to do with being like-minded, and he simply 'speaks my language.' I understand what he says, I 'get' his humor, I 'connect' with him. So much so that I actually enjoy reading the emails I get from his staff. I have always had an extreme dislike for political messages in my in-box, but not with him.

I can remember hearing people say things like, "I haven't voted since JFK was president," and not having a clue as to what they meant. Now I understand. That's how I feel about BHO. He is MY President. And I may not vote again after he leaves office (maybe). So, that being said, I have to admit that I do get offended by people who ridicule him. I know I shouldn't; and I don't particularly care about other Democrats... it's a personal thing. I also get offended by people who ridicule 'me' for supporting him. Especially when they say stupid things like 'I can't be a Christian and support Obama.' That's ridiculous! In fact, I almost think he is the most Christian President we've had in a while; maybe ever. But that's just me. And that's not really even the point.

So... there ya go. That's how I feel. I understand not everyone feels this way, and that's okay. But this is how I feel.

Peace out, folks; and in.

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