Monday, June 07, 2010

Carrie's birthday

Today is daughter Carrie's 25th birthday. Hard to believe our firstborn has grown so old; and that she's been married over 6 months now. But, just like wine, she continues to get better with age.

It's nice having her living nearby now too. The north side of Fort Wayne is 'far enough', but not too far that we can't visit whenever we need (or vice versa). She is still seeking ONE full-time job. However, I think she likes both of her part-time jobs: working hospitality at the Woodhouse Spa, and checkout at Best Buy.

Unfortunately we weren't around for this day (usually it is her that is gone on her birthdays). We have already given her her presents: a file cabinet, blouse, and subscription to Food Network magazine.

I know this pic is from an old Christmas, but I kinda always liked it. The prettiest present of all. :) Happy birthday, sweetie!

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The Prodigal Prophet said...

The years pass so quickly that time almost seems meaningless! As Larry Norman used to sing in his heyday 'I'm only visiting this planet' Indeed!