Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Conference 2010

I have much more detailed notes that are written by hand. This is just an overview to say that the Midwest Region Conference Convention was pretty good. It helped by having our favorite daughter and son-in-law with us, as well as good friend and drummer, Jim. He actually volunteered his services this morning and helped with the worship.

We heard some good talks from Tony Morgan. He is a slow-talker like me, but I liked him. Plus the fact that he randomly decided to follow me on twitter this morning (not sure how that happened). Last night we decided to stay and listen to Dave Ring. I didn't really want to stay, but was really glad I did. I just may try to get him to come to our church on July 18. Powerful message from a guy with Cerebral Palsy. Then we ended the conference with a message from Ed Stetzer. We also learned that Neil Cole is going to be the main speaker for our regional conference next year - talking about organic church.

Midwest Region conference ran from Monday afternoon through this morning, then after lunch we started General Conference and it goes through Friday. Ed Stetzer is the main speaker for General Conference (the whole denomination). After the first main session some people talked him into a smaller gathering for some church planting talk. We went for that, but I was somewhat disappointed in that it seemed to be geared more toward attractional church stuff. It was still nice to be there. And we ended up meeting and talking later with an intern who is hoping to start a house church movement in Detroit. I love talking with young people interested in starting up church stuff. I think I may be onto something. More about that later.

We did pop in for a little bit of business at the General Conference sessions. People were being stupid so we stepped out into the hall. We seem to have connected with a couple from Sweden who are working on a simple, missional, house church movement, and we ended up going out with them later in the evening. What a great time. Funny how the Europeans are who we seem to connect with the most. More on that later too. We are now in the hotel room listening to it storm outside. I will hopefully have some more stuff later.

You know, these denominational gatherings are not all bad. You just need to learn to let the water flow off your back. I have enjoyed my time with Jim, Drew, Carrie, Andrew, Josh, Eddie, Lance, Jim, Lloyd, Doug, Anna, Rob, George, Justin, Laura Beth, and a bunch of others. Most especially the beautiful lady Jane. I have also gained a new respect for our denominational director, Ed. Tomorrow I have an MLI cohort meeting at 2 (note to self). I have been getting too little sleep, and drinking way too much caffiene. Yep, that's how it is. Decatur, Illinois is beautiful this time of year. Check out Sufjan Stevens if you don't believe me.

Peace out, folks; and in.


Brook (two10eleven) said...

Glad you had a decent time at conference. Amazingly, I was sad a bit that I missed it. (still not really sure why... I guess it's always good to connect with people).

Oh, and Sufjan, yeah, I can't help but playing him as soon as we hit Decatur!

dan horwedel said...

Hey, we certainly missed seeing you two! Bummer that the skype didn't work out either.

Congrats on finding a new place. Blessings on ya both!