Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Vacation - day 4 (the most annoying man)

Last night (day 3) we ended up walking the streets and boardwalk of downtown Myrtle Beach. There was a nice band playing, and there were people all over the place. We finally read where it was also "Seniors Week." I'm thinking that means seniors in high school... Lots and lots of young people. Anyway, it's kinda wild with people walking all over, and a constant stream of 4 lanes of traffic cruising by. We ate at a nice little Oceanside Bar and Grill - sitting outside, of course; while Bob Marley wailed on the stereo. We stayed out until close to midnight, I suppose, and called it a night.

Day 4
We slept a little later on Wednesday. I think I finally pried my eyes open about 9 or 9:30. We partook of the complimentary breakfast again, and headed out to the beach once again. We had the same lifeguard, and he gave us $10 off our umbrella and chairs today. We took the same spot - last umbrella on the row, just out from 12th Avenue. This is a pic of Jane sitting under our umbrella, and in front of the back side of our hotel.

The day seemed dominated by the most annoying man in the world though. Soon after we got our spot, this couple came and took the umbrella two down from us. A white lady and a black guy. They didn't appear to know one another too well, and weren't "together"... but were obviously connected in some way. I kid you not, this guy yacked the ENTIRE time he was there. And he talked so stinking loud, and about the stupidest stuff. It's like he had to make sure everyone knew he was there. The lady was trying to ignore him, and everybody around us was just looking at him like, "Why don't you shut the heck up!?" Every time a woman would walk by he would try to talk to her. And he went up to most of the people around us and tried talking to them. For some reason he never did come over to us, but he was still a pest nonetheless.

Anyway, we managed to survive. We read some more, and brought our lunch out in a cooler today. So other than potty breaks we stayed on the beach until about 3:30 pm. It was really windy though, but at least that kept it from getting too grossly hot. It was actually hotter in the morning than in the afternoon. I managed to keep myself in the shade of the umbrella most of the day again too, so that was a plus. Still no sunburn!

We got in the hotel pool for a little bit, and Jane is now in the shower (4:41 pm). Tonight I think we are going to drive to Broadway At The Beach (or something like that). There is supposed to be a bunch of stuff there. We go from 12th Ave. north to 21st, then go left about 2 miles. Then we will come back and see if they let off the fireworks along the beach tonight like they're supposed to. I don't know if the wind will keep that from happening or not.

So far it's another nice day. Sun, ocean, the woman I love... I'm not arguing. This would be a nice place to bring the whole family on vacation sometime. It would be especially nice if we could fly, even. We'll see.

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