Friday, June 11, 2010

Vacation - day 5

Yesterday (Thursday) was supposed to be stormy, but instead it was perhaps the most beautiful day we've had since arriving. Though it did storm around midnight and through the night. Nothing serious, and it was beautiful again this morning.

So, since it was a nice day yesterday we thought we'd be stupid not to sit on the beach again. We gave Travis our $30 for an umbrella and 2 chairs - and didn't even bother to argue that we could have gotten them for $20 since it was our third day. We went out on the beach about 10:30 and stayed there until 4 pm. This is a pic of our beach neighbors to the left all 3 days; a nice and quiet mother and daughter (who verified that the guy the other day was, in fact, the most annoying man in the world). We did go to Marvin's for burgers at some point. It was a nice calm day, and hot. We sat, and read, and walked, and took a couple dips in the ocean. We probably stayed in for about an hour late in the afternoon. The waves were coming in high, and we had a really good time getting tossed about. The ol' Atlantic was toying with us playfully. After finally managing to drag our selves to the shore (which was quite a chore, actually; and quite hysterical) we gathered up our things and headed for the showers. At left is a pic of our neighbors to our right all week, just to give you a different perspective of the beach.

After cleaning up we took a drive up and down Ocean Blvd. to see all the other places. Holy cow! I have never seen so many hotels and condos. The Atlantic and Breakers were two that looked especially nice just north of us (around 21st St.). When we had driven for long enough we came back to our room and headed up the boardwalk for supper. We ate again at the Oceanfront Bar & Grill. It is an open air restaurant, and there was a band playing outside again. We had flounder sandwiches. Later on we roamed the boardwalk a few times - trying to avoid the bagpipe player. Nothing against bagpipes, but it's just not my bag, you know. We walked around a few blocks and eventually made our way back to our balcony overlooking the pool and the ocean. Finally we decided to call it a night. Our last night here. Just before dozing off the thunder and lightening and rain came. It was nice to sleep to.

This morning (Friday) we got up around 7 and got breakfast, then started packing. We will head out shortly and make our way into the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina today. Tomorrow evening our niece, Allison, is getting married there. It will be a small wedding of probably just family and a few friends. We hear it's a nice place, but I'm sure it will be a little different than this oceanside escape we've been on so far this week.

Time to go. Peace out, my friends; and in.

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