Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Doin some christian music

Next thing you know people are going to start thinkin I'm a Christian or somethin. I went to the Family Christian Bookstore the other day and bought a cd (only because they didn't have it at Barnes and Noble). I bought Illimunate by the David Crowder Band. I mostly got it because I'd like to start doing "O Praise Him (All This For A King)" on Sundays, but the whole cd is actually pretty good. Anyway, I had to look all over to finally find it. It was in the 'Worship Music' section. Then I had to stand at the counter forever and wait for a clerk. He finally came and asked if I had a "perks card." I said "no" in such a way that he must have surmised there was no use pushing the issue further, and he just told me how much it was, I paid, and that was it. See how easy that is, FCB? It was also on sale - I only paid $7.99 for it! Cool. So I survived yet another trip to the Christian bookstore.

After that I went to Chick Fil A at the mall and got some concert tickets (yeah, who knew?). I got tickets to see Jars of Clay at Headwaters Park in Fort Wayne this Sunday night (7/11). I have seen them several times, but it's been much too long since the last time. They are one of my favorite Christian bands. Then, the following Saturday there is a thing called the Trinity Music Festival at Parkview Field in FW. There are a bunch of bands, but the only ones I really care to hear are David Crowder and maybe Jeremy Camp. There's also a bunch of other stuff going on, so the tickets are ridiculously high priced, but... what the heck. I'm thinking it will be worth it to see DCB again.

So... there ya go. Peace out; and in.

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