Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fixing the focus

Our Ford Focus is in the shop getting some warranty work done on it. The last time we had the oil changed they told us there was power steering fluid seeping out the left side of the rack and pinion steering; and since there were less than 20,000 miles on the car it should still be under warranty. So I called the dealership and set up an appointment. Fortunately the parts manager is a part of our church, so Sunday we had him take the car home and he just drove it to work (the dealership) yesterday. It saved us a trip to Bluffton. They called very early and said it did need a new gear of some kind, and a seal; so they ordered the parts and they're supposed to have it done today.

I took Jane to work yesterday and today. Of course, yesterday the "low tire" light came on in the Buick. They all looked ok, but I couldn't find my tire gauge to check it (must be in the Focus). I got a new gauge yesterday, and it worked out that when I went to pick Jane up from work last night she was about a half hour late, so I checked the tires, found the one that was low, pumped it up, reset the instrument-panel light, and we were good to go. Now we'll see if it was a slow leak, or just a fluke (maybe it wasn't used to being parked in the garage).

And... Drew Carrie are also a car short at the moment. Something is wrong with the Neon, but I don't know what, or if they've done anything yet.

Interestingly enough, I do not have any music by The Cars.

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Carrie Jade said...

It was the spark plugs. All fixed up and we have 2 cars again as well.

I was going to comment on your tech post - don't forget that I can get top notch cables for $3-6 if you ever need any more.