Thursday, July 08, 2010

Lebron is scraping lebottom

I'm with Jason Whitlock on this whole LeBron James spectacle. I think he's done himself in. A high-school-to-NBAer who had actually won people's respect with his maturity is now undoing it all with the free agency saga. The only person that isn't beyond sick of hearing "where LeBron will go" are LeBron and his posse. The prime time special on ESPN may have been the straw that broke the cavaliers back.

In fact, even though I would not really consider myself a real Chicago Bulls "fan", I do like them enough that I hope LeBron does NOT pick them to be his next stopover. I am still a basketball purist, and I prefer it in its team form. Any organization that takes LeBron is no longer going to be a "team", they're going to be is vehicle for making his money.

I just think he's backed himself into a corner at this point. If he goes anywhere but Cleveland he's going to look like a cad for making such an ordeal of it. If he stays in Cleveland he is going to wash away a nobody because he has made such a spectacle over nothing. Maybe he needs to go to New York and just rot to the core. And, he Bosch and Wade in Miami... for one thing I can't see it happening; for another there is no way their ego's could handle it for an entire NBA season; and I predict they're all getting to that point where one or more of them will wind up with a season-ending injury of some sort.

I hate to be such a negative nilly on this, but I happen to like sports... and this stuff is bad for business (imho). The only thing worse is the fact that I will probably watch the stupid show tonight. Argh.

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