Friday, July 23, 2010

New ministry metrics - transformed, maturing, blessing

I've been working on my Missional Leadership Initiative homework - the new "scorecard," or "ministry metrics." After talking with Tom yesterday, I think it helped me to boil it down to: "What do I want to see happen (in and through our church)?"

Tom drew a picture (which I may or may not be able to replicate here) of me (or you), and then a picture of the world. Some people think being "missional" is just about doing good stuff in the world. But I/we believe it's more a matter of 'how we see the world.' It's like God has put Jesus here to give us a new lens with which to see the world through, and when we see the world through Christ, we will then be compelled to act in a Christ-like way in and towards the world (as opposed to Hirsch's idea that we need to change our behavior in order to change our thinking; that may sometimes work, but not always. Sometimes we just end up with changed behavior, rather than Christ-like behavior).

So... I want us to see the world through Christ's eyes, so the world can see Him through me/us.

So... what do I want to see happen in our church?
  • I want to see people TRANSFORMED by Christ (through his Word, prayer, and community).
  • I want to see people MATURING in their faith (by living his word, praying, and being in community).
  • I want to see us be a BLESSING in the world (according to the word, praying for the world, and through our community).
I'm not sure about the parenthesis parts, but I'm pretty sure about the "transformed," "maturing," and "blessing" parts (transformed by Christ, maturing in faith, being a blessing to the world).

I have also just recently changed our little church "slogan" (which is printed in the bulletin and on the opening slide every Sunday) from "Finding direction by following Jesus" to "Changing the world through the love of Jesus." Yes, we need to find direction, and we can find it by following Jesus. But that's not the end. The point is that our world CAN be changed by following Jesus (for us, and others).

Now, as far as my assignment (at least the way I understand it)... I need to figure out what we need to do in regard to: prayer, people, time, money, facilities, and technology, in order to make our church a vehicle for people being transformed, maturing, and blessing.

So, I still don't have my homework done... but I think I am getting there. I am praying for "eyes to see." Although... it's not like this is just my decision. This is just stuff I'm thinking about.

And, there is always the possibility we could go back to what we once used... the "S.E.E." thing: "Fairview is a community with whom you can Seek answers, Encounter God, and Engage your faith (get it... S.E.E.; "fair view"?). That's a little cuter and all, but I really think "transformed, maturing, and blessing" are easier to understand and give a little clearer picture. But I really don't want to get into the whole "vision" and "mission" statement thing. I do think it's good to give some direction though. But, again, it's not necessarily MY place; this is something we need to do together. I guess. I dunno. Just thinking out loud.


JAH said...

I think I will steal this for my teacher's meeting if that's okay with you... :)

Pastor D said...

Here is a link to look up Go to the Monday, July 19, 2010 link it is very good.

This young man was a five year old child when I served at his parish. Now a thirty something pastor. He is doing a wonderfully and has some great insights.