Saturday, July 24, 2010

New running shoes

I bought a new pair of running shoes yesterday at Three Rivers Running Company. I'd had Saucony Rides that I bought on July 15, 2008. I was going to just get another pair of them, but I guess they've changed them, and the new ones didn't feel right. I tried the new Rides on, and a pair of Adidas, and a pair of New Balance that the salesman suggested. I liked both of the latter, and the NB were cheaper, so I went with them. I was hoping to spend less than $100, and just barely made it. I've convinced myself that it's worth it to not have sore feet. They are NB 759's.

I had the guy wait on me who had waited on Isaac when he bought his marathon shoes. I like him. He's real soft-spoken, and quite helpful. At one point I asked if I could try on the Saucony 'Glide' and he wouldn't let me. He said I didn't want to switch from a neutral shoe to a more stable one.

At any rate, I felt a little odd, because there was another guy, a lady, and a family all in the store, and everyone was talking with the staff about all the races they were running in, and the different towns they were going to... Finally the guy asked about me. I told him I only run on the treadmill. He said he thought so, since my shoes looked so clean. But they are pretty worn and floppy, without much support left. No wonder my feet had started to hurt.

I think this is the first pair of New Balance I've ever owned. I didn't really want red again, but... whatever. We will see how they run.

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