Saturday, August 21, 2010

Dr. visit

I went to the doctor yesterday. My regular 3-month check up. Ugh. I think I have finally had it. My appointment was for 10:15. I arrived at 10:10 and there was a husband and wife in the waiting room. Another guy walks in and didn't have an appointment, and they said they would "work him in" sometime. Then they "accidentally" called him back before they called me back - at 10:30. When they realized what they had done they said the doctor would see me first though. The nurse showed me into my room, asked me how much I weighed (I always weigh myself), then said she would be back to get my blood pressure. She finally comes back and takes it (118/80) and says the doctor will be in shortly. I sat there and sat there and sat there. I could hear the doctor in the next room talking to the husband and wife... about politics. I don't know if he realizes or not, but you can hear right through the walls. He was ripping Obama up one side and down the other. I was starting to get a little pissed about that, but mostly about the fact that this went on until 11 o'clock! So I started kicking the side of the table with my feet, and clearing my throat rather loudly. Finally I hear him leave their room, and HE GOES TO THE ROOM OF THE GUY THEY WERE "WORKING INTO THE SCHEDULE!" So after that he finally comes to my room, says my blood pressure looks good, listens to my lungs, asks if I'm feeling okay, and says I look good and he'll see me again in three months. I was at his office for over an hour, and he didn't see me for 5 minutes! Then, I look at the bill, and it is marked down as an "intermediate" visit, which is $75. Now, granted, my copay is only $20, but SOMEBODY is having to pay $75. And it could have been a "brief" or "limited" visit, but it wasn't; it was "intermediate." I can't imagine what a "brief" or "limited" visit must be.

Anyway, my weight was 162 (up 1 pound), and my bp was 118/80. Other than that I had him refill my prescription for Nasonex.

My goal within the next 3 months is to find another doctor.


Carrie Jade said...

Too bad my doctor wouldn't work for you. She's a wonderful lady. She did highly recommend Mom's Dr. for family practice though. I think they might be friends. She said that if Mom's doctor is all booked up there are a couple of other new doctors there that she's heard really good things about.

Last time I went to the doctor I don't think I was even there for 5 minutes and they didn't charge me a co-pay. You doctor's office must suck. :(

dan horwedel said...

I thought about mom's doctor. Not sure how I would like a woman doctor; or if she would take men patients. I guess I don't know. I do think there is a guy doctor at that office though.

If you think about it the next time you're there, maybe you could ask your doctor if there is someone she might recommend for me (if you get a chance). Thanks!

Carrie Jade said...

Will do!