Thursday, August 12, 2010

A haircut and other wednesday stuff

I got a haircut yesterday. At the usual place on Jefferson. It was storming and the cleaning lady was at the church, plus I needed some stuff at Office Depot, so I went late in the morning. Nancy cut my hair. I don't think I'd had her before. She was nice, and did a nice job, but she didn't really cut very much off. Oh well. She was from Kendalville. And when I got there, there were 6 little kids running around in there. They were from 2 families, and were all getting haircuts. I had to sit in a chair in the corner (not where the main ones were), because there wasn't room. It was kind of a zoo, but I survived.

Before the haircut I spent a bunch of money. First I ordered 15 tickets to the Aug. 22 Tincaps game. I am hoping someone else from the church wants to go. I had planned to organize a baseball-game outing all summer (actually, someone else said they were going to, and... you know how that goes). Anyway, there are only 2 day games left, and the other one was labor day weekend. So, even though Jane might not be able to go to this game, it's the one that we are going to have to go with (Jane will likely have to go to Charis House that day because it's her class's turn to serve supper there). Anyway, I hope some people can go.

I also bought 4 tickets to see John Mellencamp at the Embassy in November. They don't go on sale until Friday or Saturday, but I joined his fan club or something so I could get "pre-sale" tickets. I got a special password, and as soon as they went on sale at 10 am I was already on the page to buy them. The cheap tickets weren't worth it, so I jumped up to the mid-priced ones. Geez, I can't believe I paid that much to see him. Jane and I just saw him at the Coliseum a couple of years ago, and it wasn't near this much. But he does put on a good show, and it should be especially good at the Embassy. I got us 4 spots in the front row of the middle balcony, right in the center. I was also going to get tickets to see the Goo Goo Dolls in October, but since I spent so much for JM I think I'm going to have to pass.

After getting my haircut I stopped at Office Depot and Lowes for church supplies. Then I grabbed a Panda Bowl to go from Panda Express and took it to my office to eat lunch. After lunch I wrote my sermon. I had kind of been "stewing" over it since Monday, and was hoping it would puke itself out today.

Then I did the treadmill, had a salad for supper, and when Jane got home from work we went to a Tincaps game. There weren't hardly any people there, but we saw quite a few people we knew. We actually got seats too, so we basically just sat and watched the game, and talked about how to make disciples.

Yep... that was Wednesday...

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