Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Isaac loses teeth but jane has class

Son Isaac had his wisdom teeth pulled yesterday. It was something that needed done eventually, and since he goes off of our insurance next month, this was the best time to do it. Jane had the day off yesterday, so she took him to the oral surgeon at 8:45, and they were home before noon - after stopping to fill his pain prescription, to get a milkshake at McDonald's, and 2 Fresco taco's for me at Taco Bell. So far, so good. Hopefully he will stick around for a few days to make sure everything goes alright. His top ones were coming in, but his bottom two were just like mine - they were growing horizontal and toward his other teeth. The doctor said they were starting to push into the nerve and he was surprised they weren't bothering him yet. So, I'm glad that is done. Yesterday he pretty much just took his pain meds (alternating every 3 hours between vicoden and ibuprofen) and laid in the recliner; also eating lots of jello, pudding and apple sauce. He doesn't appear to be too swollen or bruised yet, but I haven't seen him in the light yet today.

Jane also started her last class last night. She graduated this past Spring with a bachelors in Organizational Leadership, but she had one more class that she had to take (Conflict Resolution). For some reason it didn't fit into her schedule before. Anyway, 5 more weeks and that will all be done. Unless, of course, she decides to take more classes. I know it's been a pain for her going to school while working full-time, but I actually think she likes the mental stimulation and interaction. I'm sure she will enjoy not having to do homework though.

Other than that... I really need to write a sermon today. I've also been looking through several different books trying to decide which one to dive into next. Life is so 'up in the air' when I don't have a book I'm reading.

Peace out, my friends; and in.

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