Monday, August 09, 2010

Midweek meditation

I've been thinking about starting some type of prayer thing at the church for awhile now. I think I've probably thought about it long enough, and we just need to do something. So I think we're going to do something called the 'Midweek Meditation.' We'll probably have it on Wednesday nights from 7-8 pm. I'm not sure on the specifics yet, but perhaps have 4 prayer "stations" in the basement. That way we can leave it set up all the time (pretty much).

At the bottom of the stairs and to the right we can set up a table for COMMUNION AND CLEANSING. We will have a pan of water and you can symbolically cleanse yourself by washing your hands. You can also take communion by intinction with bread and a cup of juice. Perhaps have 10 chairs set up in front of the table for people to sit and ponder before and/or after. It will be lit by candles.

In the corner of the first room (where the couches and chairs are) will be the SCRIPTURE READING area. I will print out a lone Scripture reading each week, but also have Bibles available if anyone wants to read more. We will need to use the light that's there in the corner.

In the other room the tables will already be set up for the Sunday School class that meets in there, and that can be the WRITING/DRAWING AREA. Lit by candles.

Also in the far room we will use the old altar table as a PRAYER STATION. We will have candles strewn about the table that you can light as you pray - either praying for your own concerns, or we may have a list of prayer needs made available. We will need to set up some chairs in front of it too.

That will be that. You can just come and do your thing, and then leave. There won't be an organized prayer time or anything. But we will have to play it by ear and see what happens.

I need to get some stereo equipment so we can maybe have music playing. I'm sure I could use a portable cd player (boom box), but it would be better to have something that had speakers that went into both rooms. Whatever. We'll figure something out. I would also like to find some more crosses and old pictures of Jesus, and maybe some stained glass stuff, and various other artwork to fill the basement with. Not that it's necessary, but I think sometimes those things help. And it wouldn't hurt to paint the basement either. I hate how it looks just like an old church basement. But... whatever. None of those things are really 'needed.' They would just be nice. What is needed most is probably the prayer. So, that's what I'm thinking we'll do. Maybe not this Wednesday, but next Wednesday.

I also want to start the focus group up again - getting some people together to discuss the future and direction of the church. We will use Reggie McNeal's "Present Future" dvd study. I'm hoping we can get some leaders to step forward. Not the "official" leaders, but the people in the church who have (or can have) some influence - both in the church, but mostly outside the church. I think it's time for us to begin taking some radical steps of faith again. So, of course, we'll be in need of some people willing to take those steps. If you're in the area, or willing to move to the area, I can make no promises to you, but... you're welcome to come along for the ride. :)

Peace out; and in.

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JAH said...

Looking forward to it.