Tuesday, August 17, 2010

No school

This is the first time in twenty years that we haven't had a child starting school. Carrie (our oldest) started kindergarten in 1990, and Isaac (the youngest) graduated from college this past year. It seems weird that both kids have actually graduated from college now. I feel really out of touch with the whole school thing already - which is kind of sad in and of itself. The start of a new school year always came with such nervous anticipation, and therefore many many prayers. I remember making little cards with a Bible verse for the kids to stick in their pocket, to get them through the day. What they maybe didn't know is that I had one in my pocket too. :)

I guess Jane does start her last class next week. Even though she has graduated, she still has one class to complete. So in five weeks she will officially be done with her bachelors degree.

Perhaps now it is my turn again. I wouldn't mind, but... we'll see.

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