Sunday, August 01, 2010

Virus and a vendor

We had a stinking virus on our computer at home yesterday. We were getting ready to go to a car show at IPFW (Jane was manning a booth for work from noon to 2 pm, and I thought I would go along for something to do). Just before we left I checked my work email and had a message from a guy I hadn't seen in awhile. I had trouble opening it, which I thought odd at the time, and then once I finally got it to open I had one of those rogue viruses that masks itself as an antivirus program. Stuff started popping up all over the place... so I just left it and we went to the car show. I felt so... violated. Funny how that does feel just like someone breaking into your house.

Anyway, it was pouring down rain when we left home, but it actually quit just as we got to IPFW. She worked in the tent, right alongside the radio station that was broadcasting from there. There wasn't a lot of room (two of her coworkers were there too), so I walked around and looked at cars. There were some neat ones, but I lost my gearhead sensibilities a long time ago. At one point I went back to our car and took a nap.

We finally headed home and once there I went to work removing the virus. Fortunately I had the laptop at home, so I got online and googled the name of it and found some easy to follow instructions for removing it. I shut the computer off, opened it up in Safe Mode with Network (F8), and did a system restore from last week. It seemed to get rid of it right away. I was relieved. Then I deleted the infected email. Now it's time to start changing passwords just for good measure. I'm hoping that took care of it.

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