Friday, August 13, 2010

Worship pizza meteors

Yesterday was a pretty nice day. I always look forward to meeting with my pals to pray on Thursday morning. They're guys that I know are 'for' me, but they're not afraid to be honest with me. Then I usually put together the plan for our Sunday gathering on Thursday late-morning or afternoon. You know, say what you want, but I actually LIKE planning a worship service. It may be the favorite part of my job. Sure, it rarely goes as planned, but they sometimes go oh-so-splendidly in the quiet of my office.

After Jane got home from work we headed south to meet son Isaac and Stevo (we're thinking of adopting him) for the best pizza in the world at Art's Pizza on Broadway in Anderson. Man, I wish we could open a chain in Fort Wayne.

Last night I stayed up a bit too late and watched the meteor showers. The stars were so, so big and bright in the sky; and even though I wasn't up still at prime meteor time, there were quite a few stars flying across the sky. It was cool.

Today... mow the lawn, run, and Webb Wilder TONIGHT at the Botanical Gardens!

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