Monday, September 13, 2010

Golf and a parade

Saturday was an interesting day. Tom asked if I wanted to play golf in a fund-raising tournament for their church camp.I hadn't played in several years, but after locating my clubs in the attic of the garage I figured I would give it a go. I don't mind playing golf as long as no one is taking it seriously, and in that regard it was a nice time (because no one in our foursome was at all serious).

Tom and two of his sons picked me up about 7:45 am and we headed to the other side of Roanoke somewhere to the Clear Creek golf course. I believe there were 21 teams and it was a "best ball" tourney - meaning everyone hit from where the best ball was played on each shot (not that that really helped us that much). They also had a rule that if you didn't make par you just picked up your ball and took a bogey (which helped speed up our game). I think we teed off at 9 am (from hole 4), and got done around 1:30 pm. Then we ate and they gave out awards and whatnot. We probably left for home around 2:30 or so.

Our team was Tom, his sons Ben and Adam, and myself. Tom and I rode in one cart, and the boys had fun in the other one (though Adam's kilt only lasted one hole). I am actually probably the worst golfer of the four of us - I don't hit the ball very far ever - but I usually hit it straight, so as crazy as it seems we often used my drives... even when they only made it to the women's tee's sometimes. I also had one drive where my club went as far as most of my shots. It was pouring down rain and the club just went sailing out of my hands. And then there was the time I was going to get back into the cart and I slipped and bashed my head on the side of the top of the golf cart. I thought at first I might have knocked myself out, but I was ok other than where it scraped the skin back.

Oh, and did I mention that it rained? Yeah, it started on the very first hole. Kind of just drizzled at first, but it became a downpour shortly after. It did stop a few times throughout the day, but for the most part it rained almost the entire time. And it was COLD. I actually had shorts on at one point before they picked me up, but at the last minute I decided maybe I should wear long pants. Then I thought maybe I should take my hooded sweatshirt. And then I thought maybe I should take my raincoat. Good thing. I needed them all. It was the coldest, most miserable day of the summer. I was literally shivering when we were eating.

Even still, it was a good time. Like I said, I sort of enjoy playing golf when it's not taken too seriously. I just can't play much because my hands and wrists get sore pretty quick (too much time working with steel). We also raised a bunch of money for the camp. I thought I heard them say something like $4-5,000. I even got a prize. Our team got last place - by quite a bit actually (we had an 81 and the next team had 75; the winning team shot a 59) - and we each won fishing poles... thinking maybe we needed to take up another sport. We donated them back though (I fish even less than I play golf). We also got a door prize for playing. I chose the new David Crowder Band cd "Church Music." I was also surprised to see someone from my church playing in the tournament - he works with a guy who attends Tom's church (I think); and one other friend who pastors another church. Like I said, all in all, it was a good time... aside from the rain and cold.

After I got home I took a long, hot shower and put on a couple layers of warm clothes. Then we headed for Ossian so Jane could walk in the Ossian Days parade (for the bank). I stood along the way and chatted with several people I knew, then when the bank crew went by I walked toward the end of the parade route and met up with her. There weren't a lot in the parade this year - partly because it was a rainy, dreary day, I suppose. The bank actually won third place for their float even. After the parade we shared a tenderloin and got a zumstick. We waited around for awhile to hear the band but the cloggers kept going on and on and on, so we watched a few people ride the mechanical bull, chatted with some folks, and finally called it a night. I got home just in time to see the Fighting Illini actually win a game!

Now it's a new week. Yippee! I'm heading to a funeral this morning.

Peace out, peeps; and in.


Tom said...

Well, I asked Adam and in our opinion you were our #1. I am also surprised you didn't accuse me of trying to kill you via a slow, agonizing round of pneumonia.

dan horwedel said...

Ha, you're just saying I was #1 because you want me to play again next year (so you can finish the job of killing me).

Tom said...

I hear next year it is going to be 76 degrees and sunny.