Friday, October 01, 2010

Ath, pti and trouble with sports

So, I'm thinking of saying goodbye to two of my once favorite tv shows. Most days I run on the treadmill while watching Around the Horn and Pardon the Interruption. These are both sports discussion shows on ESPN. I used to enjoy the information, as well as the characters on both of these shows. However, anymore, I just can't get into it. In fact, I'm really quite fed up with people trying to make news out of something that really isn't news.

I don't know if it is necessarily even the fault of these shows. I think it's just that, in this 24-hour news culture of ours, I am sick of it. I'm sick of the ticker tape running the same stories over and over while trying to watch a show; I'm sick of every program highlighting the same stories to the point that they become non-stories; I'm sick of the over-dissection of athlete's lives; I'm sick of the mundane being played into the marvelous... I'm just sick of it all, really.

I was actually surprised to realize both these shows have been on as long as they have: almost 8 years for ATH and 9 years for PTI. That seems like a long time for this type of forum. And, I have to say, even though they just last week broke out with new sets for both shows... it didn't really enhance my viewing pleasure.

I have enjoyed SportsNation the few times I've watched it. Though I think even that would get old if I watched it on a regular basis. I think I'd just as soon read my sports information anymore. Although, even that is a chore. Everyone wants to make their websites to cool and trendy... shoot, I can't even get half of them to work on my rural internet access. Maybe I should go back to buying a newspaper. Truth be told, I probably read more sports stories in my online Peoria Journal Star than anywhere else anymore.

Such is life, eh? Maybe there's more to it than sports. I dunno.


patti said...

At some point I think these shows became showcases for the announcers.

dan horwedel said...