Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Dissing on dish network and fox

I am not a happy camper. There are currently only two or three new tv shows (maybe four) that I actually like, and two of them happen to be on the FX channel. Unfortunately I get my tv through the dastardly folks at DISH Network. Out of the blue they just stopped carrying several stations last week, with no warning whatsoever (FX, some regional sports channels, and National Geographic channel).

Now, if I had just up and decided one day that I wasn't going to pay my full bill, I bet the ignoramuses at DISH would tell me that wasn't fair and unless I paid it they would say that was breaking my contract. But these fools are trying to make it sound like they are actually doing me a favor by no longer carrying one of my favorite channels - THAT I PAID FOR - and it is somehow in my best interest that they block it even though both of my favorite series' have just started (the fifth show of SOA is supposed to be tonight, and there are no reruns).

See, the folks at DISH say all the fault falls on the people of FOX Networks, who are supposedly trying to raise the price of these shows something like 50%. Hey, I don't doubt that FOX Network is an evil place (if it has anything to do with FOX News). So there is no love lost there either. But DISH could have given a little warning they were going to pull the plug on FX. I actually think they are both a bunch of idiots and I don't like how EITHER network is trying to use their customers to fight their dang battle (see Fox's argument here; DISH's here). It's like immature parents using their kids in a custody battle. They both need to grow up!

At any rate, I am pretty irate about the whole thing. I was hoping this would have been solved before the next episode of SOA, and there's still a small window of hope... However, if it's not, you better believe I'll be checking into Direct TV. Or, maybe it's time to just do away with cable/satellite tv altogether. I think I could do it.

By the way, my other two favorite shows are Psyche (USA Network), and Modern Family (ABC).

Peace out; and in (to everyone but the people at DISH and Fox).


Tom said...

I think Hulu is saying that starting October 7 they will be showing SOA episodes on a 30 day delay.

I ditched DN and replaced it with the over the air channels and steaming in August and haven't regretted it yet.

dan horwedel said...

Can you get the Big Ten Network that way? That's probably the thing I would miss the most (the games, not the announcers).

Tom said...

You have to subscribe to it to get their streaming video. The have different options (like just one school or monthly) but the one I remember was about $100/year for everything.

I don't get it because between OTA and Espn3 I can get enough.

I pay $15 more a month for higher internet speed and $9 month for Netflix. That replaced my Dish bill.

I also bought a dedicated computer that I hook up to my TV. The over the air channels go through that so I can use Windows 7's Media Center to pause or record. I also run Netflix, ESPN3, Hulu, and other onine video through that computer.

Carrie Jade said...

Wow - Tom is way more cool than us. :)

I haven't had tv on a regular basis for the past 3 years and it's fine, trust me.