Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I missed my blogiversary, and other random thinks

So I guess Monday was my 5 year anniversary for writing on this blog. I'm not sure what made me think to look last night. HERE are my first few posts from 2005.

Which kinda coincides nicely with a change I've been considering for the ol' blog again. I think I may just go back to how it was when it started. I doubt that it's been noticeable, but I had been trying to actually write a little better and post things in a little more serious a manner. That's just not me though. Plus, I know some other of my favorite bloggers who went that route, and it wasn't particularly interesting anymore. I can find news and nicely written articles anywhere. So I think I'm going to go back to more of a random-thoughts/this-is-how-my-day went format. I know some people don't like it as much, but some like it better. In the end, though, it's what I know best. It's really more of who I am. It's also why I started blogging in the first place. Certainly it is more dangerous - it has the potential to get me into more trouble - and as most of you know, there are some things I just can't talk about on a blog. A lot of my personal dealings, and much of what I do during the day will have to be left out, but I think it will be more authentic; more... really real. Or whatever. It will hopefully be easier. For whatever reason I just haven't seemed to have much time lately. Not sure what the problem is there. Anyway, I think that's what I'll do...

Speaking of which, yesterday was kind of a doozy of a day. I went to the big hospital on the other side of town to be with some friends/parishoners early on. I drank lots of coffee and got to watch the hospital photo shoot while sitting in the lobby by myself. I left there just as the storm was coming to Fort Wayne. I decided to take State Blvd from the east side of town to the west - I don't think I've ever taken that route, but, shoot, it was pretty slick. I think I'll do that again. Anyway, I could hear the tornado sirens blaring, and it was raining pretty good when I got to Hilegas Rd, and when I turned south and went through the tall trees... I swear a tornado must have blown through. I thought for sure the trees were coming down, as they were swinging pretty low; and the leaves were being blown about so much that you could hardly see through them. Then I actually thought my car was being picked up by the wind. It was perhaps one of the scariest moments I've had. But then it was over just like that.

I stopped at Walmart and as I was walking in the door two employees told me I would have to go to the center of the store and that I couldn't shop until the tornado warning was over. I didn't really wanna die in a tornado in the middle of a Walmart, so I turned around and drove over to the bank where Jane was working. Things had calmed down quite a bit at that point, so we went to lunch, then I went to Walmart and got water for the church after dropping her off. On my way home then I decided to take the interstate and the traffic lights were out from Lutheran Hospital and West, so traffic was a nightmare. I finally made it to the office though, and the rest of the day was pretty normal.

On a side note - I actually read a newspaper AND watched the local news on tv yesterday. I hadn't read a newspaper in a long time (the kind you hold in your hand). I did it while waiting at the hospital. You know, it actually is better than reading it on the interwebs. Then I watched the news while running on the treadmill. They had some coverage of the murder trial involving some friends/parishoners, so I just watched that part. I have lots of thoughts on that, but probably shouldn't say too much at this point. Really gut-wrenching stuff to me, though.

Last night we went to see the movie Hereafter. We were both a little hesitant to see it, because we don't really like freaky movies, plus it hadn't gotten very good reviews, but I actually thought it was pretty darn good. I kinda like Clint Eastwood movies for some odd reason. I suppose that says something about me, but I don't really know what. I also like Matt Damon.

Well, today the well guys are supposed to come and put in our new well pump at the church. I'm glad the old one just had a hole in the pipe, but it did take them several hours to get it out on Monday. Then I have a conference call with my MLI cohorts later this morning. I'm tempted to belch and blame it on someone else.

Peace out, my friends; and in.

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