Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Cohort meeting and mellencamp concert

Yesterday was an eventful little day. It started with the internet not working. Man, how did people ever use dial-up? We finally did get the wireless back, but it completely threw my day out of whack (well, maybe not completely).

Anyway, I took Jane to work in the morning (because I needed to pick her up after work - more on that later), then I headed down to Anderson for an MLI cohort meeting. It was me, Jim, Candice and Eddie; and we met at Perkins on Scatterfield at 10 am. I had reserved the back room, but since only four of us were there we just used a table in the corner of the regular room. I was about ten minutes late, and was a bit embarrassed because I am rarely late for anything. I wasn't counting on there being a cop every ten miles on my way down I-69. I don't think I missed much though. We continued discussing moving from being 'program-driven to a more people-development' church; we also discussed the "What's Next" paper; the cggc blog idiotics; and some personal stuff. It was a good visit. As I was standing in line to pay the cashier when we were done someone from my church came up and wanted to know what I was doing there. That was weird, she was sitting almost right behind us the entire time. Small world.

After our meeting I took everyone over to the Exodus House to give Eddie his first look, and Jim and Candice a look at what it's like now that people are living there. It was good to see son Isaac, and gave me a chance to drop some items off for him. It's actually a pretty nice looking place now. They've done good. We didn't stick around too long, because everyone else had a 3-hour drive home. So we left around 1 pm and I headed back to work. I didn't get much of anything done the rest of the afternoon though.

Then last night we got to see John Mellencamp at the beautiful Fort Wayne Embassy Theater. This was actually our present to Drew Carrie for their first wedding anniversary. I picked Jane up from work at 6 pm and we stopped at McDonald's for a quick bite of salty grease, then we swung by and picked up Drew Carrie in the rain and headed downtown. I paid the $2 to park in the garage because that way we could walk across the enclosed crosswalk into the Embassy and stay dry. I will probably write a review of the show later, but let me just say that it was awesome. I am not afraid to admit that I LIKE John Mellencamp. And probably as much now as I ever have. They played a documentary from his tour of small baseball stadiums and the making of his new album from 6:45 to 8 pm. We arrived just after it started. Then the show started at 8:30, and he played almost non-stop until 10:40. He did a nice mix of old stuff and new stuff; solo stuff and the full 7-piece band; quiet and loud... it was quite the array of music. And it was almost ALL music - very little chit-chat. He really knows how to put on a nice show. And we had really good seats too: front row of the upper balcony, section k, row j, seats 1-4; which put us right smack dead center of the stage. I think a good time was had by all. Grandma even got to feel the baby move! I suppose my favorite song was a new one: Save Some Time To Dream. Had tears running down my face.

Well, I suppose now I should do something.

Peace out; and in.

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JAH said...

Definitely my favorite song, too - maybe a new album is needed.