Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Early riser: votes, vaults, and venti

Man, I have been getting up way too early the last couple days. Yesterday morning the phone jolted us out of a dead sleep at 4:50 am (bank security). Then this morning I had to be at the church before 5 am to unlock the door and start making coffee. Our church is being used as a polling place for the elections today. I had to stay last night so they could set things up, and then they arrived at 5 to get ready this morning. I think the polls must open at 6.

I will make coffee for the voters and election workers throughout the day. And several people brought cookies to set out for people as they come through (The one worker said I put cookies out just as good as any church lady. Ha, you know it!) Just a little somethin' our church does to try to be a blessing to others, I guess. Although, notice that we're only making coffee. There is no tea allowed.

I also took the opportunity to feature President Obama's book The Audacity of Hope in our book rack in the hallway. I like to feature certain books every now and then, and I just thought it would be quite American of me to feature a book by our President on this day. :) I might also place my copy of Jesus For President, by Shane Claiborne, in a strategic location somewhere in the hallway. Perks of serving as a polling place, I suppose.

At least it should be a fun day - having some people around and whatnot. But it rather irritates me all the people who just assume that I am a republican because I'm a pastor. What the heck. Shoot, it started last night even. I really don't care if someone wants to be a republican, but I don't like how people try to put that label on me. I'm not really a democrat either, but I'm certainly not a republican. As I tell the people in my church, "I'm not a democrat or a republican... I'm a Christian." :)

Happy day, my friends. Peace out; and in.

(I thought this sign was somewhat humorous)

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