Sunday, November 14, 2010

Giving jason a chance

Okay, so I'll give Jason Garrett a chance. I've never thought much of him as an offensive coordinator, but I have actually always liked him. He seemed an intelligent and capable backup quarterback to Troy Aikman for all those years in Dallas; and I'm willing to root for him in this no-win situation as Jerry Jones's fallout boy. Shoot, he should be smart, having went to Princeton and all. He has two brothers also on the Cowboys staff. His father was a football coach (whom he briefly played for in college). I hope he does well.

Although, you know, as a realist and all... I don't know that he has much of a chance. Everybody and their brother knows Jerry Jones isn't going to hire him next year (unless there's no collective bargaining agreement and he can't hire someone else). Plus, as I said, I've never thought much of his work as an offensive coordinator. Smart people have not often turned out to be good football coaches. Not that football coaches are dumb, but they're smart in different ways. At any rate, he is currently in the ultimate underdog role, and that's enough for me to get behind him. So let it be stated here... I am all for Jason Garrett in his debut as head coach of the Dallas Cowboys. Maybe this will finally be the start of something right for the Cowboys in the JJ era. Or, at least it will be interesting. Certainly can't be any worse than, say, Barry Switzer, Chan Gailey, Dave Campo...

Peace out; and in.

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