Tuesday, November 30, 2010

This and that (but not the other thing)

Just some random stuff...
  • I bought a new coat the other night. Well, I still haven't taken the tags off of it yet, but I'm pretty sure I might keep it. It's a work coat. I haven't really had a work-type coat for awhile. You know, something that I can wear to do actual physical labor and whatnot. Not that I need one very often, but sometimes I do. So we were at Meijer's and I was wasting time while Jane was getting the pictures done, and I tried on a couple. I actually thought I got a Carhart, but the next day I realized it was a Dickies. Whatever. It does have a coupon for another $10 off; plus the cashier gave us a coupon for it too, but I can't remember how much that was for. It is hanging on the chair. I'll see how long I can wear it with the tags still on.
  • I'm praying for our friend Joan who will be taking off on a new adventure tomorrow. She starts working with Project Amazon, and tomorrow she takes off for a boat trip down the Amazon River in South America as her first assignment. I admire her courage and sense of adventure. She's an amazing person and I wish her the best. I also think it's interesting that Project Amazon is a church planting movement based on the cell (or simple; or home) church model, but is totally unrelated to our tribe. Well, not totally - we're all on the same team, so to speak - but not affiliated with us. Though we do have some people doing some good stuff in Brazil (I think that's in South America). Anyway, interesting that we're both moving in the same direction.
  • I found out that a couple of guys we hang out with sometimes are both long-time musicians. We get together with a small group of people now and then, and awhile back one of the guys invited this old guy (probably in his 70's or 80's) - who used to come in and eat by himself at a table - to join our group. So he did, and now he's a part of the group. Anyway, we've chatted in bits and pieces, but the other night it gets out that he played jazz piano for 40 years at most of the clubs in FW. He said now he doesn't play at all, and he didn't really want to talk about it. Which I can respect. But I thought that was innaresting. And on this night his eyeglasses only had one lens in them. He said he didn't really need the other one, but I don't think he ever said what happened to it. Also, another older guy who comes in and chats with him, and is now part of the group, started talking about the old guitars he has. Holy cow. My mouth was watering just listening to him. I'm talking vintage old stuff. Apparently the news did a story on him a couple years ago. I asked him about playing and he said he doesn't play anymore either. Hmm. I have to admit, it kinda changed how I view these two guys though. It probably shouldn't, but I just never would have taken them for musicians.
  • I've been pondering a blog/facebook fast. I decided against it because I think it was more just that I haven't felt good the last couple days. I started getting a sore throat Sunday or Monday, and just feel kinda tired and worn down. Nothing serious, but just not in the mood for much. So I decided to take some time off of the treadmill instead.
  • I need to start a new book, and just can't really get excited about anything. Before I left the office I grabbed a church history book for children off the shelf. I may give that a look-see. That's about my speed for church history. I think it's geared for middle-schoolers. Otherwise I was thinking of re-reading something I've read before. Rejesus comes to mind... or... something else. I dunno. I'm kinda in the mood for another book that's just about Jesus or something like that.
  • Speaking of sports... I can't believe that fight between Cortland Finnegan (Titans) and Andre Johnson (Texans) only resulted in a $25,000 fine for each of them. That was kinda brutal in my opinion. I mean, some of these guys have ACCIDENTALLY hit someone with their helmet and they get a bigger fine than that, AND a suspension; and these two guys were outright insane and they just get a slap on the wrist?!? At first I thought Johnson should have gotten a worse suspension, because he was actually throwing punches. But then I heard that Finnegan planned the whole thing - plus the fact that he's always in trouble - so I think they both should have been suspended for a couple of games, and fined more than they were. Otherwise, shoot, for $25000 there will be fistfights all over the place now. Not that it wasn't kind of exciting to watch, but... you know... it's not hockey.
  • And speaking of the Titans, I think Jeff Fischer is trying to get fired. He has always kind of had that "bad guy" look to him - even moreso now that they're in Nashville. But did he have a cheek full of chaw in his mouth Sunday? I've not noticed that before. Not that I would blame him for wanting out either. I'm just saying. And it's not that I don't like the Titans either. I probably would like them if they were a little more visible, or if I lived closer to Nashville. The Colts are just too dang boring for me to get into. But... yeah; whatever.
Okay, so this ramble should probably come to an end. It will be a long night waiting for the Illini vs. North Carolina game to start at 9:30 tonight. I also think it's the season finale of Sons of Anarchy. So... there ya go.

Peace out; and in.

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