Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Facebook page instead of group for the church

Yesterday I created a Facebook "Page" for the church, instead of the Facebook "Group" that we used to have. I don't really understand all the intricacies that differentiate the two (and don't really care), but it seemed the thing to do.

For one thing the old Group didn't allow me to put pictures in albums. So any pictures that were added all just went into one pot; which was a pain (I thought). There were also some other administrative things I didn't like about it. Plus it wouldn't show up on my list of "likes," so if I didn't have it on the church website it would take forever to locate it.

The new "Page" allows for picture folders, and it does show up in my "Likes." So, I'm in the process of adding pictures and getting people to switch over and stuff. Apparently none of the diagnostic stuff works until I get at least 30 people to "like" it, so at this point everything says zero. I also can't seem to get any of the pictures to show up on the wall. When I created the albums I didn't publish them, because I thought I could do that later - that way it would just publish each album all at once. But apparently it doesn't work that way and it only publishes them on my personal facebook profile. But I don't want it published on my personal profile, I WANT it published on the stinking Page like it says it's supposed to do. So... whatever.

I can only spend so much time on stuff like that before it's counter-productive. Even though I actually do like to spend time on stuff like that - and therefore shouldn't feel bad, because that's what feeds my soul (it's "life-giving"), so to speak - but, you know, whatever. So I spent a little time yesterday, and uploaded some more pictures early this morning, and did a little research today. There aren't a lot of followers, so I don't see much point in doing too much. Although there's always the argument that if I spent more time on it it might garner more followers. Eh... we'll see what happens.

Anyway, below is the old "Group," and the new "Page" (I think you can see them without being members, but anyone and everyone is welcome to join (or "Like") the new Page (pretty please)...

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